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Anika, 22 days old

June 21st, 2010

Starting 19/6/2010 she drinks 15 cc / 3 hours. And yesterday she weighed 740 gr! Yay.. that’s quite a progress.. keep going my little fighter! :) I couldn’t stop smiling since the nurse told me her weight..

Her oxygen saturation is reduced to 70%, the nurse said it’s one of the weaning process.. hopefully she’ll be off ventilator soon so she’s gonna be freely doing things without worrying the ventilator will be out of its position :(

The most important thing is I really hope to be able to her in my arms soon, even only in the NICU I’ve never held her once.

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So what’s the problem?

May 27th, 2009

The doctor suspected there’s something wrong with me, so he instructed me to do some lab test for TORCH, ACA, and other small tests.

We got the result last night, and read there’s nothing wrong with the result. Everything seems to be okay… So what’s the problem? Why do I keep losing my fetus? … and like I said, it’s already my third loss!!!

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What causes my reccuring fetal loss?

May 25th, 2009

….and this is gonna be my third…

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Are we living in a real world?

February 26th, 2009

I just read my friend’s blog, what interests me was the picture.. and it was so true! Lol.. I can’t stop laughing. Here’s the pic: 24w7ed0Read this too: Pecas-ndahe, and you’ll see what I’m talking about..

So… are we living in a real world?

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Taman Safari. The Indonesian Safari

February 25th, 2009

I went to Taman Safari last Saturday (Feb 21st, 2009) with my family. We started at 6 am from home, arrived there at about 8.20. The road was not crowded like it usually is on weekends, it’s great..

Before we arrived to the place, we bought a few carrots for feeding the animals. The price was Rp 2500 each tie and we bought 4 ties. When we get there it was still closed. So we wait in line for a few minutes with the other cars.

The gate was open at 9.00 (On Sundays it opens at 8.30), the entrance tickets price was Rp 165.000 for 3 people (Adrian was not counted). First we saw a few bunch of elephants standing in a group.. then we found zebra, deer, cow, buffalo, etc.: all the herbivores animals. dsc000691They were not afraid of us, instead they approached us and put their head near the window hoping we’d give them food. So we gave them the carrots one by one. Adrian was so excited. He kept saying “I dare to touch them! I’m brave.. I’m brave…”. Yea right, he kept saying that to deny that he’s actually a bit scared of them.

dsc00080A few kilometers ahead we found another gate. This time we were getting into the carnivores’ place. There were lions, tigers, white tigers, leopard, etc. We had to shut our windows tight, shouldn’t stop and kept moving. They were so beautiful! The Safari must had been taken care of them real good, they were all clean, fresh, even they’re living in a “cage”. Actually what was so called cage was real big with all the artificial habitat, but I think it was almost like a real one. Read more…

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Social networking

February 24th, 2009

I have some social networking accounts such as friendster, orkut, yahoo 360, facebook, multiply and you name it what else. I knew most of them cause my friends asked me to join and connect with them.

The first social networking I joined was Friendster. I knew it from my friend in 2004. That was the very first time I joined any social networking. I was actually a bit paranoid at that time, I didn’t dare to put my clear picture there, or anything that described me too detailed.

Then a few months later another friend of mine asked me to join Orkut. He said that it was better, that it was linked with my gmail account and I forget what other reasons was. So, I signed myself up.

After that, another friend got me into Multiply. When I first used it, I liked it immediately. It was very user-friendly, easy to use, and interesting. I could upload anything easily there, including my photos, blogs, recipes, reviews, etc. I could even easily change the theme with provided templates or with the ones I made myself. I used Multiply longer than my other accounts for that matter. Until one day someone’s post disgusted me and made me put “Blogger’s Code of Conduct” on my page. A few people just have to learn about the ethics of blogging before they post anything!
Read more…

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February 17th, 2009

Last night I played “The Sims” with Adrian. The familly we were playing had 4 kids. After school each kid brought home their homework, and so I was busy telling each of them to do their homework or telling their parents to help them.

Adrian: “Mom.. I want homework too”. Then I was litterally laughing.. does he think homework is fun?
Me: “Don’t worry honey. You’ll get homework from school”
Adrian: “Yeaa…. but which school?”
Me: “Anak Langit (his school’s name) of course. Where else could it be?”
Adrian: “No, Anak Langit never gave me homework” *of course, why on earth would a playgroup gives homework :P
Me: “Then you ask your teacher to give it to you.. Ms. Noura, I want some homework please… Okay?”
Adrian: “Okay”

The next day (today) I called home and Adrian answered the phone. Read more…

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My faithful partner

February 12th, 2009

I’ve been working for this company for more than six years. When I first came here, I was given a partner called a computer unit.

I loved my partner. He never gave me any trouble and we got along pretty well. Until one day, I had to take leave cause I had to deliver my baby. When I got back to my office 3 months later, I knew then there was something wrong with my partner. I didn’t know what, but I could feel it. It’s like there was something different about him. Then I found out that my partner had changed into something else which looked exactly like him!

Since then everything was never be the same. I had to format him every now and then, he was getting infected quite often, and he was sooooo slow that I can finish a cup of coffee to wait for a process finised (j/k)…. Anyway, he was just eating my head all the time.

Then, quite a surprise… I was suddenly given a new partner! It might not be the newest technology in town, but I think I’m quite satisfied with this guy. He’s much more faster than the old one! Yea…..

P.s. Thanks bro…!!

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