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Recurring fetal loss (part II)

November 26th, 2009

All this time I’ve been wondering what went wrong with my body, cause I’ve got this recurring fetal loss for 3 times now. The doctor who observed me always gave partial answers… Sometimes I even thought they were only guessing the problem.. I never got the answer.

And then I got pregnant again, just found out a few weeks ago. I’m thrilled, excited, but then again.. seeing my medical history in my last recurring fetal loss, I’m worried.

Last night we went to the doctor, and you know what? the doctor said my current pregnancy wouldn’t look so good either. Well, at least we had prepared ourselves to hear it.

Now the big question is, what’s wrong? We had gone through so many tests and the result was okay. Then the doctor explained.. the problem is in my body’s metabolism. And the cause to it was lack of exercise and sudden weight gain. Somehow my eggs are not ovulating perfectly, so the quality is not good enough.

Anyway, my doctor told me to have exercise.. starting… now! Even when I’m pregnant, I’m advised to go for exercise. Okay, I’m going to start exercising today… plus… praying of course.

Here are some references I found in the internet. I guess It’s quite helpful.


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