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Anika, 22 days old

June 21st, 2010

Starting 19/6/2010 she drinks 15 cc / 3 hours. And yesterday she weighed 740 gr! Yay.. that’s quite a progress.. keep going my little fighter! :) I couldn’t stop smiling since the nurse told me her weight..

Her oxygen saturation is reduced to 70%, the nurse said it’s one of the weaning process.. hopefully she’ll be off ventilator soon so she’s gonna be freely doing things without worrying the ventilator will be out of its position :(

The most important thing is I really hope to be able to her in my arms soon, even only in the NICU I’ve never held her once.

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Anika, 18th day

June 16th, 2010

Alhamdulillaah, she weighs 680gr now.. Adding 20 gr from her last weight. She still drinks 12 cc / 3 hours. Her oxygen saturation’s still low so the oxygen supply to her blood’s still high, today it’s 80%. Her Hb’s increasing to 12.3 so the doctor said there’s no need for transfusion.. yay! Today the nurse came to me telling me she needs an ultrasound for her head, hope everything comes out okay.

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