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February 17th, 2009

Last night I played “The Sims” with Adrian. The familly we were playing had 4 kids. After school each kid brought home their homework, and so I was busy telling each of them to do their homework or telling their parents to help them.

Adrian: “Mom.. I want homework too”. Then I was litterally laughing.. does he think homework is fun?
Me: “Don’t worry honey. You’ll get homework from school”
Adrian: “Yeaa…. but which school?”
Me: “Anak Langit (his school’s name) of course. Where else could it be?”
Adrian: “No, Anak Langit never gave me homework” *of course, why on earth would a playgroup gives homework :P
Me: “Then you ask your teacher to give it to you.. Ms. Noura, I want some homework please… Okay?”
Adrian: “Okay”

The next day (today) I called home and Adrian answered the phone.

Adrian: “Hello Mama”
Me: “Hello Adrian.. what are you doing?”
Adrian: “I’m eating sandwich…”
Me: “Did you have fun at school? What did you do there?”
Adrian: “He he.. I don’t know. I played all day”
Me: “Did you get your homework?”
Adrian: “No, the teacher didn’t give me homework”
Me: “Why didn’t you ask Ms. Noura?”
Adrian: “I don’t know….” his voice was a bit frowned
Me: “Hmm don’t worry, I’ll give you homework when I got home, okay?”
Adrian: “Yeaa.. okay Mom. We’ll work on it together, okay?”
Me: “Okay Adrian. Bye…”

A few hours later his dad called him.
Adrian: “Papa.. Papa.. I’ve got homework!”
Papa: “Really?” <–He didn’t know the story so he really thought the homework was from Adrian’s teacher.
Adrian: “Yes.. we’ll work on it together tonight, okay?”
Papa: “Okay…”

Oops.. I promised Adrian homework and he took it seriously :P . Now I need to figure out what homework could I give to a 3 yrs old boy…..

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