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February 24th, 2009

I have some social networking accounts such as friendster, orkut, yahoo 360, facebook, multiply and you name it what else. I knew most of them cause my friends asked me to join and connect with them.

The first social networking I joined was Friendster. I knew it from my friend in 2004. That was the very first time I joined any social networking. I was actually a bit paranoid at that time, I didn’t dare to put my clear picture there, or anything that described me too detailed.

Then a few months later another friend of mine asked me to join Orkut. He said that it was better, that it was linked with my gmail account and I forget what other reasons was. So, I signed myself up.

After that, another friend got me into Multiply. When I first used it, I liked it immediately. It was very user-friendly, easy to use, and interesting. I could upload anything easily there, including my photos, blogs, recipes, reviews, etc. I could even easily change the theme with provided templates or with the ones I made myself. I used Multiply longer than my other accounts for that matter. Until one day someone’s post disgusted me and made me put “Blogger’s Code of Conduct” on my page. A few people just have to learn about the ethics of blogging before they post anything!

The year 2007 was the first time I made Facebook account. It was my king in Utopia that made me. The purpose was to gather all the members of the kingdom so we knew each other better in real life, so we will play as a team and made the kingdom better. My friends there were only the kingdom’s members until the end of 2008 suddenly my real-life friends were found in Facebook like a rush.

From all those social networking, I like Multiply and Facebook better. Why? I like Multiply because I can easily blog, upload pictures etc. like I said earlier. But I don’t like it because my mistake in the past that I was easily accepted any “friend request” who came, so I’ve never met in real life most of my friend there :P . I like facebook because most of my friends there are my real-life friends (yes, I’ve learned from the past). But uploading photos and blogging are just not the Facebook thing. I also like Facebook cause it has many application (most of them are games) there, so it’s just fun to log there.

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