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Taman Safari. The Indonesian Safari

February 25th, 2009

I went to Taman Safari last Saturday (Feb 21st, 2009) with my family. We started at 6 am from home, arrived there at about 8.20. The road was not crowded like it usually is on weekends, it’s great..

Before we arrived to the place, we bought a few carrots for feeding the animals. The price was Rp 2500 each tie and we bought 4 ties. When we get there it was still closed. So we wait in line for a few minutes with the other cars.

The gate was open at 9.00 (On Sundays it opens at 8.30), the entrance tickets price was Rp 165.000 for 3 people (Adrian was not counted). First we saw a few bunch of elephants standing in a group.. then we found zebra, deer, cow, buffalo, etc.: all the herbivores animals. dsc000691They were not afraid of us, instead they approached us and put their head near the window hoping we’d give them food. So we gave them the carrots one by one. Adrian was so excited. He kept saying “I dare to touch them! I’m brave.. I’m brave…”. Yea right, he kept saying that to deny that he’s actually a bit scared of them.

dsc00080A few kilometers ahead we found another gate. This time we were getting into the carnivores’ place. There were lions, tigers, white tigers, leopard, etc. We had to shut our windows tight, shouldn’t stop and kept moving. They were so beautiful! The Safari must had been taken care of them real good, they were all clean, fresh, even they’re living in a “cage”. Actually what was so called cage was real big with all the artificial habitat, but I think it was almost like a real one.

The tour was ended at around 10.00, then we continued to walk around the baby zoo. dsc000931 In the baby zoo we’d find a few kind of birds, monkeys, hippos, and snakes. Adrian was also excited to see all of them, we would find an artificial cage, and a moving bridge there. By 10.30 we finished the sight-seeing. Adrian went around with a little pony, after that we all rode a mini-train. The train passed an artificial cage which was full of dinosaurs including their loud voices. Adrian was a bit scared but we kept saying that the dinos weren’t real, don’t worry.. All the riding costed Rp 10.000 each.

The mini train trip was ended around 11.00 am, we hurried to the Elephant Show to see all the elephant showing their incredible abilities… I was so amazed to see how animals can be trained like that. The show lasted around 30 minutes or more. After that we went to the animal show, the theme was “Global Warming”. The show was also fun… Even mice are playing the part.

At 12.00 we had lunch in their food court. The price was reasonable and the food was okay.. the price was varied around 20.000 – 30.000. After lunch we went to the cowboy show it was called Wild Wild West, it started at 13.00, I thought we were late cause there are a lot of people crowding on the gate. But a few minutes later the gate opened and the people rushed to find their seat. dsc00095Funny.. I don’t know what do they do that for (collecting the crowd on the gate before the show). I think the cowboy show was the best show compared with the other two. It was full of action and fire… just be prepared for some splash of the water. The show ended around 14.00, we were already too exhausted to continue our round about, so we prepared and headed home. It was a bit crowded on the way home, and we arrived on 17.00.

So, I really recommend to visit this theme park. It’s not too expensive and the fun really worth it all. ;)

p.s. All the pictures here were taken by Adrian using a mobile phone


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